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Confirmation of filming

Finally I have got filming confirmed. It is happening on 14.02.2014 Friday, Valentines day. Looks like I am going to have small love affair with the theater. I am organizing my crew. I have already text Luke and Betsy. Hopefully they are not busy that day.

I wasn’t sure about filming just because Playhouse is running shows all of the time so I kept my crew on hold. We are not allowed to film while show is on, all of them are copyrighted. Theater has to be empty to film in.

I was worry because I haven not received any answers for my e mails from Mr.Wade. I decided to call him and he said we can film on Friday as it was agreed before.


Good blog



I have founded interesting blog for Indie filmmakers. The blog provides information about camera work, sound design and light set up. There is a lot of tips and interesting articles even after effect tutorials, that I could use to create openingĀ  title.