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No Presenter

Luke who suppose to be presenter in the documentary can’t make it. It means I need to reorganized my script. I will focus more on my expert and try to get as much information from him as it is possible.

I thing I will add some building history and ghost story to the script.


Confirmation of filming

Finally I have got filming confirmed. It is happening on 14.02.2014 Friday, Valentines day. Looks like I am going to have small love affair with the theater. I am organizing my crew. I have already text Luke and Betsy. Hopefully they are not busy that day.

I wasn’t sure about filming just because Playhouse is running shows all of the time so I kept my crew on hold. We are not allowed to film while show is on, all of them are copyrighted. Theater has to be empty to film in.

I was worry because I haven not received any answers for my e mails from Mr.Wade. I decided to call him and he said we can film on Friday as it was agreed before.

E mailing

Chasing my expert,

I never got answer for last e mail so decided to remind myself. As I don’t want him to feel harassed I came up with possible question for the interview.

 I am sorry I know you are very busy, I just wonder if you got my other e mail address? I never got any answer so I am not sure if e mail was delivered to you. I thought about question I would like to ask. So simply:
What stage manager does?
What is bundle room used for?
What other places involved in show audience can’t see?
Most famous shows or people you were working with?
I guess that question refers to your work. If you have any suggestion please let me know.

Meeting Graham Wade

I meet the Playhouse  stage manager on Friday. He is a really nice guy. He shown me backstage and bundle room below the stage. There is a plenty of great shot possibilities. Playhouse is a theater but looks very cinematographic. I already have idea how I want it to be filmed. I am just about to open celtx and start the script,  first scratch.

I decided  to use a presenter . I spoke with Luke already he said yes. One problem less.

Mr Wade is unfortunately very busy man and I am waiting for him to confirm the date of shooting. Hopefully soon.

I am going to focus on research and script now. I am going to sort out the music and archives materials.