Good blog


I have founded interesting blog for Indie filmmakers. The blog provides information about camera work, sound design and light set up. There is a lot of tips and interesting articles even after effect tutorials, that I could use to create opening  title.


E mailing

Chasing my expert,

I never got answer for last e mail so decided to remind myself. As I don’t want him to feel harassed I came up with possible question for the interview.

 I am sorry I know you are very busy, I just wonder if you got my other e mail address? I never got any answer so I am not sure if e mail was delivered to you. I thought about question I would like to ask. So simply:
What stage manager does?
What is bundle room used for?
What other places involved in show audience can’t see?
Most famous shows or people you were working with?
I guess that question refers to your work. If you have any suggestion please let me know.


After quick look online I had few ideas bursting in my head.  I decided to put them here just to keep record of them, or as a plan B if something goes wrong.

Lighthouse. New Heaven lighthouse sounds really good I regret I didn’t think about that earlier when I was researching water feature. The only problem is the access.

Edinburgh trams I thought about driver cabin access for regular people is restricted and would be cool to have a drive in front seats. Edinburgh trams are coming back, they been here till late 50s or so. Historic part is possible angle as well.

Rosleenlee hospital cool looking abandoned hospital. Electricity still running, beds in the same place they were left 20 years ago. Good material for spooky documentary. Access is the biggest problem as well. Transport would be difficult  as there is no bus running to rosleenlee hospital.

Playhouse Great cultural spot full of hidden rooms. Shows are running by lots of people not only an actors. There is a room below the stage I could focus on.

Kitchen how food is preper before comes on your table? Would be good to check on that. Kitchen is a place where no one apart from kitchen stuff or trained sheaf is allowed.

Meeting Graham Wade

I meet the Playhouse  stage manager on Friday. He is a really nice guy. He shown me backstage and bundle room below the stage. There is a plenty of great shot possibilities. Playhouse is a theater but looks very cinematographic. I already have idea how I want it to be filmed. I am just about to open celtx and start the script,  first scratch.

I decided  to use a presenter . I spoke with Luke already he said yes. One problem less.

Mr Wade is unfortunately very busy man and I am waiting for him to confirm the date of shooting. Hopefully soon.

I am going to focus on research and script now. I am going to sort out the music and archives materials.