Looking for some quotes to add to the documentary. I have one Michelangelo line :

May fit well into the documentary topic.

No Presenter

Luke who suppose to be presenter in the documentary can’t make it. It means I need to reorganized my script. I will focus more on my expert and try to get as much information from him as it is possible.

I thing I will add some building history and ghost story to the script.

Working title

After wee chat with Mr Wade I realized  there is no traps in the Playhouse. The trap I saw in Lion King show was attached to the stage that was brought by Lion King crew. They don’t only bring their customs or props to different theater  they also have they own stage that they carry from one venue to another.  There won’t be much magic though. Still there is plenty of hidden rooms in Playhouse. I consider changing working title to Behind the Scenes.

Scran order

Screen Shot 2014-02-18 at 14.35.48

I ordered four photos and one video from Scran . I find them really useful and hope they will fit well in the documentary. Photos illustrate different kind of events that occurred in Playhouse like concerts, comedy show and even boxing night. I am sure they will be great supplement to historic line of the documentary.

Once I have got permission to use them I am going to edit them. I will add paralax move to the photos and camera tracking to make them look more lively.


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 17.12.21Moby created website where he published music for independent filmmakers.  Music is free as long as you don not make money of it. All you need to do is apply for license, wait 24 hours and it is yours.

I may use garage band as well to get some extra tune for the documentary. Garage band is copyright free music software I have on my computer. It is easy to use and it is fun. Very useful app.

Playhouse history



Really good website about the Playhouse and other Scottish cinemas. I have found it very useful for historic the background of my documentary. There are information about the building since it was open until almost present day. Website also gives many information about architecture of the building and shows how usage of the building has changed over the years. Definitely going to use information posted on there.

Confirmation of filming

Finally I have got filming confirmed. It is happening on 14.02.2014 Friday, Valentines day. Looks like I am going to have small love affair with the theater. I am organizing my crew. I have already text Luke and Betsy. Hopefully they are not busy that day.

I wasn’t sure about filming just because Playhouse is running shows all of the time so I kept my crew on hold. We are not allowed to film while show is on, all of them are copyrighted. Theater has to be empty to film in.

I was worry because I haven not received any answers for my e mails from Mr.Wade. I decided to call him and he said we can film on Friday as it was agreed before.


I wish I could colour my archives materials up to that kind of standards. Image


Just a small inspiration while i am digging for more photos for my project. I have founded good volume of photos on scran website. Photos of main theater and shows that was played over the years in Playhouse. I am going tomorrow to Arcahms to purchase some of them.